Microsoft Advertising – Diversify for more leads on different platforms

Microsoft advertising

Do you wish to improve your Business and bring in more revenue?

Do you Want to convert more leads and improve the number of customers? 

If your answer is ‘yes ‘to the following statements, we would suggest Microsoft Advertising as the best way to improve your business. We believe that Microsoft Bing is an underutilized tool to help each and every business thrive with more leads and increased revenue.

Stand out from the crowd with Microsoft Advertising

Google owns the majority of online traffic and is the world’s number 1 search engine. This sole reason has made the Google ads market competitive and thereby quite expensive to place your Advertisements in.

What Is an alternate way to Convert customers with your leads?

At Digitise India, we present to you – Bing, a search Engine has 5.6bn monthly searches and 136 million unique visitors worldwide. Even though Microsoft Advertising marketplace occupies a significant share in Search Engine Traffic, the average CPC of Advertising is 33.5% cheaper than Google ads. 

With the untapped power of Microsoft Advertising, our team at Digitise India will help you get more leads with a Significantly lower Ad spend. 

Advertising is way cheaper than Google wide scope

When your competitors are busy placing high bids in Google ads, you should be smart and use Microsoft Advertising where the bids are low and the returns are High. One of the biggest advantages of Bing is the power of its

  • device targeting options
  • control over search partner targeting.

Apart from low CPC and less competition Microsoft Advertising are associated with Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, AOL, and MSN which all are associates of Microsoft and this will help you target a wider variety of audience.

We honestly believe that if you do not try Advertising – you are failing to efficiently reach your audience in a part of 63 million people.

Spend less and earn more with Microsoft Advertising

Our Bing ad experts believe in setting up goals and different ad groups that work out the best for your business. According to your need and budget, our Microsoft Advertising experts would come up with the best idea, allowing you to achieve your goals with a fixed budget. 

We will set up your Advertising management System for Maximum returns

Our experts at Digitse India are focused on doing the hard lifting to manage your Advertising while bringing in sweet returns in the form of Leads for your Business. Running a paid search is a numbers game which we play with extra care and with expertise!

There are vast spaces and opportunities in Bing for every business. This is the right time to bring a Good number of Leads and Traffic to your business websites with Microsoft Advertising. 

Consider Digitise India to be the genie of your Microsoft Advertising Campaigns

Wish to target the customise audience, consider it done!

Wish to bring back old customers with retargeting – done!  All you have to do is give us a free call We will help your business increase its revenue with Qualified leads.

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