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Do you Use Google Search Ads to build a better business

We honestly believe that Google paid ads is one of the best ways to land more customers, generate more leads and increase revenue for your business. Advertising on Google is an impeccable way to generate high ROI for your digital marketing efforts.

But here’s the thing, Google’s getting smarter with time, as more people and businesses are spending money to advertise their business online. Our experts believe that setting up a successful Google Ad for your business is getting competitive day by day.

Without a Targeted audience and well optimized ad copies, there is a good chance that you might end up wasting your google Ad spend.

Advertise your business On the Biggest Digital Network in the Internet

Experts claim that Google has dominated the search engine market by maintaining a staggering 87.35 percent market share as of January 2020,. With over billions of searches made every day, it seems a pretty bad move to not invest your money by advertising on Google. We believe that with the right measure, the Google Display network can skyrocket your sales.

Google keeps updating and changing its algorithm and how its Ads Network works, and that’s why you need to be updated with the changes to master it. Moreover Google Ads works in a number of ways like

  • Search Ads,
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads.
Google Paid Ads

Google Search Ads, are the links that show up when you search for a keyword on Google, and these are basically just website landing pages that try to answer a search query. In simple terms, you have to pay Google when someone clicks on the ad displayed by the Google Adsense Account of your business.

Google Search Ads

Develop a High ROI Google Advertising Campaign with Digitise India

Our experts believe that every brand needs a proper and dedicated marketing campaign, to bring king sized revenues from their Google Ad campaigns. To gain the full value for your money, you need to highly customize your Google Ad Campaigns. But do not worry as Our Digital marketing agency will help you set up the perfect campaign with the help of Google Display network.

Our team will guide you through the entire process of setting up a customized campaign. You don’t need to worry about technical factors like

  • CTR (Click-through rate),
  • CPC (cost per click),
  • CPM,
  • CPE,

When you are with digitise India. Your High ROI campaign is just a call away with us

Here’s how we can help with your google Ads campaign?

Increase your Quality Score of your Search Campaign -

QS determines your AdRank. The more clicks you get, the higher you rank. Simple! When your ads aren’t highly specific and optimized, you get a lower quality score. The lower the quality score, the more money you pay for the same results. We will help you get a perfect Quality Score ( QS ) with our campaign.

Set up an optimized Landing Page for your google search Ads

A prospect clicks on your ad, and your website keeps loading for 10 seconds. That doesn’t sound efficient right. That is what our experts believe and preach all the time. At digitise india we help you set up an optimized landing page that has good speed (load time).

We help you Pickup High traffic keywords for your Search Campaign

Picking up the right keywords for your campaign, is very important for generating leads for your business. With quality leads you can spend less time and resources when converting them into your customers.

The proper combination of strategies, keyword research, SEO optimization, and engaging content that convinces a visitor to take a look at your offering is all that’s needed to master Google Search Ads.

Wanna boost your business with Google Search Ads?
Give us a call and we’ll set you up for success.

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