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Implementing Competitor Analysis can help you generate a ton of Business revenue with ease

Competitor analysis is an elaborate strategy used by many businesses and marketers to study their rival brands and gain valuable insights into their

  • Marketing strategies
  • Content efforts
  • Funding and Budgets
  • Management Techniques
  • Lead generation tactics.
Competitor Analysis Strategy

By compiling these insights into actionable reports, companies try and analyze what strategies are achieving their targets and which ones are performing poorly. Extensive competitor research can also reveal invaluable details about your closest rivals that you can build upon and gain authority in.

While conducting a thorough competitor analysis regularly ain’t so easy, it is a necessary tactic that can potentially identify market gaps, sub serviced client sectors, failed strategies, new threats, and customer complaints. Our team can help you devise the perfect competitor research strategy to charge your business and boost growth.

Competitor Analysis Strategy

We believe that a Stellar Competitor Research has the following characteristics

1. We Perform Competitor Research on the right competitors –

Not every brand qualifies as direct competition. Studying the wrong brand can derail your progress and send you in the wrong direction. We make sure to give you detailed reports on competitors that matter the most.

2. We choose the Competitor Analysis Methods to study –

There are a ton of metrics that you can access on the internet. While some of them are crucial, others might not be the right ones for your particular business. Our Competitor Analysts always choose the aspects that matter and are worthwhile for your success.

3. Take a peek at your competitor’s hidden data with our website Competitor Analysis. –

Some of the most exciting bytes of data are not publicly accessible and require an expert to excavate from the internet. Our experts Perform the best competitor research to find all the hidden data of your competitors.

Don’t worry though as we do not perform anything illegal

4. We teach you to apply the data from our competitor analysis to improve your business –

This is the most crucial aspect of the entire strategy. If you can’t translate the uncovered data into actionable tips then the entire process will be rendered futile. Our experts are ready to perform the best competitive research and use that data to help you improve your business and its goals and objectives.


Studies show that over 50% of digital marketing companies worldwide don’t have a well-defined strategy. This leaves them vulnerable to changing market tendencies and at risk of failure.

At Digitise India, we believe in creating a viable strategy by studying your competition’s strengths and weaknesses through the internet. This will help you leap like a frog above all your rival brands. Since most of your customers reside online and regularly make purchases after comparing products on the web, it is imperative to conduct a website competitor analysis to understand how you rank amongst your peers. If you are looking to capture an online audience, the best place to start would be by studying all the aspects of your rival’s website.

Ranking organically in the top 10 of Google’s search results will give you an edge over other brands. A thorough website competitor analysis will reveal all the

Competitor Analysis Strategy
  • SEO secrets
  • Marketing channels
  • And keywords used

by your rival brand to rank high on the internet. This bit of information can be used to understand the difficulty of ranking for your chosen keyword. So Instead of blindly following your competitor, you can use our Website competitor Analysis services for better understanding

Choose different keywords and SEO tactics that have not yet been fully explored by others. This allows you to capture a whole new set of audience, boosting your performance in the online world.

Competitor analysis strategy

Digitise India is happy to help you with COMPETITOR SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS

With over 2.6 billion active monthly users on Facebook and another 1 billion on Instagram, social media platforms are a treasure trove of customers. No company can risk overlooking social media in its marketing strategy. But to create a viral campaign you need to have a deeper understanding of your online competition. By conducting a competitor social media analysis, you can unlock tactics used by your rivals that led to their success. Moreover, you can also gauge your own position and the strategy you need to follow to beat them.

Our team can help you analyze all the metrics of your rival’s Facebook ad campaigns as well as gather data behind their Instagram success. A competitor SWOT analysis can reveal data and strategies that you might have missed. If you need help with conducting a competitor social media analysis, our team can guide you towards making the right decisions.

So what are you waiting for?

Call our team to get a No strings Attached, free competitor Analysis today.

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