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Boost your engagement with our Instagram Marketing Team

Instagram was the first social media platform to focus on visual representation instead of textual. This idea proved to be hugely successful as attested by the 900 million Instagram users who are currently active on the Social Media Platform. We believe that tapping into this resource with a proper Instagram strategy can be the difference between a successful business or a crippled one. Our team can help you navigate Instagram marketing to maximize your reach across the channel. We can also help you increase your brand exposure and generate leads with our laser targeted Instagram Advertising Strategy

Say hello to High-quality traffic with Instagram Ads:

Popular Research shows that in 2017 over 120 million people took some direct action based on an Instagram ad they had seen on their smartphone. Creating a compelling Instagram ad can inspire your target audience to act on the specified Call-to-Action thereby bringing in Business Revenue.

Instagram advertising works by pushing your sponsored post into the feed of your audience organically. An ad can be identified by the sponsored label that accompanies it. Instagram currently provides the following types of advertisements:

  • Story ads : These are full screen ads that punctuate the users’ stories.
  • Photo ads:  These appear as part of the users’ feeds.
  • Video ads:  Users can watch a short clip of your product or brand.
  • Carousel ads : These are a set of swipeable pictures which end in a CTA.
  • Collection ads : If you want to sell your product directly via your ad then this is the best option.
  • Explore ads:  These ads appear when the user browses the explore section of Instagram.
  • IGTV ads : This is a brand new feature which has not been fully rolled out yet.
  • Shopping ads : Companies can convert their shoppable posts into ads with a click.

With so many options, an effective Instagram marketing strategy should focus on the ones suitable for your goals. Contact our team to understand how to achieve your targets on Instagram without breaking the bank.

Instagram Advertising

Generate revenue with our Instagram influencer Marketing:

This is a growing niche in advertising that has garnered a lot of attention in the last few years. Instagram influencer marketing refers to the endorsements and product mentions from influencers – people with a higher number of followers who are considered experts in their niche. This type of social marketing works because of the reputation of the influencer and the trust developed. Creating an ideal Instagram influencer marketing strategy requires a combination of small influencers with loyal followers and high engagement rates and larger influencers with fans. Our expert team can help you identify the perfect influencers for your brand.

Don’t Miss out on our Instagram Growth Service

Instagram is a fantastic platform to build an audience and gain brand recognition. At Digitise India we believe that Instagram is still growing and has plenty of potential for new and old businesses alike. By implementing a custom instagram Marketing strategy we promise to bring your company into the limelight where all the sweet deals happen.

Our instagram growth service works with all business models be it a Product/service based C in a B2C/B2B environment.

At Digitise India we believe that a custom Instagram Marketing Strategy with a well defined set of goals, will allow us to deliver stellar content and deliver it at the feed of your target customers.

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