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Utilize our Linkedin Marketing services before you Regret

LinkedIn is by far the world’s largest professional networking platform. LinkedIn marketing might not be a conventional choice for most businesses, But with custom LinkedIn lead generation strategies we help you supercharge your business proposition. LinkedIn is the go-to platform for successful professionals, marketers, and job seekers. Our experts believe that a fine-tuned Linkedin marketing strategy can help you create partnerships, establish a solid brand image, and generate quality leads for your business.

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn marketing needs to be loaded with a bit of professionalism that is subtle and adds value. We believe that your standard “in-your-face” Facebook advertising or artistic Instagram ads will not have an impact on Linkedin. Our expert at Digitise India can help you design the best LinkedIn marketing strategy to leverage your product offerings and create industry relationships that can benefit you in the future.

Linkedin Marketing services
Linkedin Marketing

Our promise is to offer spectacular Linkedin lead Generation services

LinkedIn lead generation strategies revolve around two prospects – organic and paid. If you are on a tight budget and only want organic growth, here’s how we can help you generate leads for your business,

1. Identify your ideal client with our LinkedIn lead generation strategies

Badgering or spamming people uselessly will not be received well on LinkedIn. In fact, you might end up hurting your brand image. Instead, identify your ideal client base and connect with them. Get to know their problems and propose your solution. Keep in touch with them by sending regular updates and success stories on LinkedIn.

2. Post on LinkedIn regularly to increase visibility

Organic LinkedIn promotion can be done by creating and sharing posts, blogs, and engaging with your clientele. This allows you to maintain authority in your field of expertise so that people come looking for your solution.
We can help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and design a custom LinkedIn solution for your brand. At digitise India we believe that custom solutions work better than a simple “ One size fits all” strategy that is used by every other company.

We believe that Linkedin promotion is a terrific way to Generate Leads

Apart from the high Organic reach, LinkedIn also provides a solution to tun highly targeted paid campaigns. Our Linkedin Marketing experts will work on these campaigns and customize them to include the exact type of professional/ Clients you wish to engage with.

promotion is a terrific way to Generate Leads

1. Sponsored Updates
This category of paid LinkedIn promotions pushes your post into other people’s news feed and displays your content in a non-obtrusive way. With the help of a strong call-to-action and a custom lead magnet, you can stand head and shoulders above the rest of your competition and generate a brilliant amount of leads for your business.

2. Sponsored InMail
This is another paid LinkedIn solution that delivers your ad straight to the user’s inbox. Our Linkedin Marketing experts design a customized mail that will land in the inbox and stay separate from all the clutter in the Linkedin feed. Our experts believe that InMail can be an effective, High ROI marketing tool when used right targeting and message.

Linkedin is Booming right now - Call us to grab a piece right now!

At digitise India, we have a team of Linkedin Marketing experts who believe that with a custom strategy and a targeted audience, LinkedIn can be a charm to generate tons of leads for your business.

Contact our team of experts to help you set up your entire LinkedIn campaign that not only generates leads but also creates brand authority.

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