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Drive your Business through the roof with Email Marketing Strategies

Digitise India is one of the Best Email marketing agencies in India.

Email is the only platform that has stood the test of time, despite heavy speculations of it getting extinct. The basic necessities of E-mail have made it one of the best marketing strategies with a stellar return on investment.

We believe that Individual influencers, small and big firms, basically everyone should use an Email marketing agency as a key component of their marketing mix to attract clients and new business.

With all those figures & stats, our team believes that E-mail marketing is the most effective marketing strategy. Feel free to ask any other digital marketer and we are pretty sure that they will agree upon it.

Email Marketing agency

Own your Email Marketing Campaigns with the help of our Marketing Experts

Basically, E-mail marketing uses the potential customer’s E-mail ID to reach them and advertise on your services & products. More than advertising, E-mail can be a great channel to improve your visibility and gain recognition for your business.
We can guide you to master the fine-art of E-mail marketing, to skyrocket your sales. Just behold with us.

E-mail marketing services are the secret sauce of every successful business

E-mail marketing strategies have changed over time and We can help you to win a chance over your competitors with our Email marketing services in this dynamically varying environment.

We believe in the effective use of the following three strategies that can prove to help your business

Our Team understands the importance of Personalization in E-mail marketing

Popular research has found that an E-mail that starts with the receiver’s name has 16% higher open rates than a generic one. Sending personalized messages to each & every single of your prospects, spending your manpower, is not only tedious but is stupid as well. Our E-mail marketing service can make your job easier with personalized, bulk E-mail marketing tools. This way you can target specific audiences, understanding their requirements, and sending them a situation-specific personalized E-mail that stands more chance of being responded to. Above that, we enable you to reach a large number of prospects at a single time. No more ‘Click-Send’, ‘Click-Send’!

Why do you think Segmentation is so important in an Email Marketing Campaign?

Alright, let’s talk about segmenting your subscribers. Your company’s database of E-mail subscribers or prospects can include potential customers spread across the world. But what if, you’ve to advertise for a localized event or outlet? Our team understands your needs, and that’s where we use ‘segmenting your subscribers’, strategy. This helps to reach a more targeted and localized audience base. For example, Your company is going to provide 50% OFF in all outlets in Delhi, but if you send bulk E-mails to all your subscribers over India, then it can not only hamper your ROI, but your customers may even feel frustrated with irrelevant messages. ‘Segmenting your Subscribers’ also help in targeting people of a particular age group, profession, etc.

We help you set up a Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing campaign

A recent report shows that Mobile traffic has seen a massive surge of 222% from 2013 to 2019 in 7 years. True to the numbers, a large number of your prospects are on smartphones compared to desktop maybe. And for that important reason, you need Mobile friendly E-mails, that suit cell-phone templates. Digitise India’s E-mailer designs can be both Desktop & Mobile-friendly, according to to the needs of the brand

Feel free to Grow Your E-mail List with Digitise India’s Email Marketing Campaigns

Scaling up your business needs you to scale up your marketing efforts!

True to that, you need to amplify your ‘E-mail List’, that is the database of your prospect’s E-mails. But, there’s a problem, ‘Database Decay’.With an ever-increasing number of people signing up for E-mail services, a lot of them also get deactivated. E-mail marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year. So, you need to constantly keep upgrading your E-mail list, or else you might miss out on potential customers, You might end up losing a lot of money sending emails to dead IDs.

So we focus on growing your E-mail list and upgrading it from time to time.

Email Marketing agency

Eliminate your fears of Emailer Design with our Marketing Experts

A successful email campaign is backed by a well-designed and attractive email template.

Our Email marketing agency uses graphic designs, your brand’s logo, less and catchy write-ups to make up an effective marketing email. We also make sure that Your template is user-friendly, complying with color-theory and color-psychology to precisely target your customer’s conscience.

If you need some Including some CSS animations, our designers that happen too!. We can make your email interactive and compelling to respond. Of course, you don’t need to do that all by yourself. You need help, and we are there to help you out!

Our E-mailer designs, and E-mail marketing tools are specifically designed and dedicated to you and your customer’s needs.

Take your Brand to your dream heights with our precise, dedicated, result-oriented, E-mail marketing services.

E-mail marketing still holds a handsome ROI at 122%, outperforming its competitors like social media marketing or so (eMarketer study). Email marketing is still up to 40 times more effective than social media, according to a study done by McKinsey & Company.


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