The Millionaire Guide On Instagram Ads To Help You Get Rich

Instagram Ads

We have seen many businesses believe that Instagram is a young Social media platform that does not have the potential to grow a business. We have also seen plenty of them in shock after we reveal the following statistics about Instagram ads and how businesses use it to generate a Humongous amount of leads.

Believe us when we say that there are more than 15 million businesses on instagram at this instant. 

We have an even more staggering business fact about Instagram

Just 1 million of these businesses use instagram to advertise their business.

And ⅓ of the people who view these ads take an action that drives them into a potential lead and sometimes a customer.

All this may seem magical, but it isn’t. Our experts claim that a well researched and targeted instagram Growth Strategy is commonly overlooked by a ton of organization. trust us when we say that Instagram marketing is a viable strategy that some popular businesses fail to look upon.

Digitise India firmly believes that Instagram Ads can be high-yielding if you use the right approach to reach your target audience.

We help you Set up an Instagram Advertising strategy at bargain prices

Setting up an instagram strategy for your business has become optimal, all thanks to the dedicated Instagram Ads manager. Our goal is to help you setup a Customized Instagram Ad strategy by 

  • Understanding your business and its goals
  • Researching your target customer
  • Creating Relevant content to create Ads
  • Creating custom plans and budget spends to reach your target customers

At Digitise India, we acquire this 4 part process and combine it with the power of the Instagram Ads Manager. With Industry grade Instagram advertising strategies, we can help you develop your business with the magical prowess of Instagram Ads.

Reach your target customers with a variety of Instagram Ads

As we might have mentioned before, the majority of businesses still believe that their target persona does not exist in the vast picturesque spaces of Instagram. Our team of Instagram advertising experts beg to differ.

Popular research suggests that 55% of the Active instagram population is composed of the members between the age of 18-29.  While another majority of users between the age of 30-49 occupy a staggering 33% on instagram.

The reason we suggest our customers to spend their valuable As spend on instagram is owed to its high growth. Our experts believe that with a Long term Instagram Advertising Strategy, it is possible to generate more than 200% of ROI pretty effectively.

It’s your time to Grab your customer with our Instagram Growth Service

Your business can have any type of product or service. It can exist in the B2C or in the B2B space. Your business can also cater to a very specific set of demographics in a niche-based industry.

Whatever be your industry or business model, our Instagram Advertising experts are sure that we can help you reach your target person with ease. The power of the Instagram Ads manager allows every business to target it’s ads based upon

  • Gender
  • Age 
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Behaviour

With Laser targeting capabilities and the support of our Instagram Ads Experts, you can easily

  • Increase brand Awareness with a custom Instagram Marketing Strategy
  • Generate Leads and traffic with Instagram Ads
  • Increase conversions and skyrocket business revenue with a custom strategy.

We believe that every business must use the power of Instagram Ads as early as possible.

Make use of this time and invest in focused ads to increase your revenue.

Is your business ready to fall in love with Instagram Ads.

Give us a free consultation call and we’ll set you up for success.

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