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Here’s why you should implement Lead Generation strategy for your business

We understand Lead generation is the latest buzzword that gets most businesses shuffling nervously on their feet. After all, it is only the most critical step for any company looking to survive online in the cut-throat market. But we are here to help you and our team will make it simple for you.

A person who shows any interest in the company’s products, services, or ideas by interacting with the website, landing page, or social media handles can be termed a lead.

Simple right.

The entire process of converting a stranger into an interesting prospect by using content, coupons, live events, and other offers is called lead generation.

Lead generation services
Lead generation services

We provide everything there is to Lead Generation in Digital Marketing.

Nurturing leads, qualifying them as prospects, and eventually converting those to paying customers requires elaborate lead generation strategies which combine both, inbound and outbound tactics. While outbound tactics are easier to implement, they have a historically low conversion rate. These low-balling tactics are not only intrusive but also costly with a little-to-no turnaround.

Hence, our team at Digitise India stick to Inbound lead generation strategies that allow you to approach the right people and engage with them, before making any sales pitch.

How Can we help you in LEAD GENERATION?

The lead generation process can be optimized by automating the entire strategy using the right tools. There are many proven tactics, supported by extensive data analysis that can be used to fine-tune your B2B lead retention as well as B2C lead generation. Here are a few time tested methods that our team uses to multiply your engagement and sales.

Most people confuse content with blog posts. While this statement is in no way false, your content strategy can involve several other moving parts. We can help you develop E-books, white papers, courses, guides and case studies for your B2C lead generation needs. According to our experience, these are amongst the most sought after pieces of written material online. We can help you bundle a content upgrade with an opt-in form to entice customers or control access to your best blogs.
Our Data research clearly shows that even a little bit of personalization can go a long way in convincing readers to complete the Call-To-Action in your Email body. We use dynamic text replacement to tailor each email to the customer’s personal details. This tactic works like a charm for B2B lead generation.
This is a little-used tactic that can potentially help companies generate the best leads and prospects without blowing the bank. We use Machine Learning algorithms to help you score your leads according to their intent, helping you develop a refined lead generation process that works like a charm for B2C as well as B2B lead generation.
Chatbots have taken the e-commerce world by storm. Not only are they much more personalized, but they are also much more comfortable and satisfying for the customer. We understand that the most B2C lead generation strategies involve some use of live chat on their platform. Chatbots are one of the most efficient lead generation processes in the field of B2B lead generation too!
At Digitise India, we use lead generation tools to offer you a wide range of A/B testing capabilities that go beyond just the headlines and graphics. We can help you test colours, templates, CTA (Call to action) buttons, text, and font size among other aspects.

You should implement a funnel as part of your Lead Generation Process

Lead production in digital marketing can be daunting with so many moving parts that need to be constantly oiled and tweaked. We help your business, by creating an automated funnel that sifts through your leads only to filter them according to the stage they are in. Our team at Digitise India tailors the programs and messages to push a lead down the funnel. Even though each business runs its funnel differently, we believe that they must contain similar elements such as awareness, engagement, leads, opportunities, and customers.

In layman terms, the entire process of lead generation in digital marketing that culminates in a sale is called a lead generation funnel.

Digitise India is here to set you up with the best Lead Generation Services in the Industry

Even with so much information mentioned above, it is easy to feel confused about the whole process of Lead generation. We understand that because it is surely daunting to construct a sales funnel from the start and implement all the personalized messages and automation throughout the steps.

Our Experts at Digitise India can help you from setting up a streamlined lead generation process by creating custom content for each stage in the funnel. We help you capture leads, qualify them, nurture them and finally hand them over as someone who is ready to buy from your company.

Whether your business is into B2B, B2C or D2C, We promise you that  experts would be able to retrieve leads from any target market.

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