A Look Into the Future: How LinkedIn Ads Industry Look Like in 10 Years?

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is a professional B2B platform consisting of 575,000,000 users in total. With a huge growing population, LinkedIn is considered to be 277% more effective than other famous platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Our team at Digitise India firmly believes that LinkedIn advertisements are a great tool if you wish to generate leads for all B2B businesses. But more than just running a LinkedIn lead generation campaign, a good number of businesses are using this professional platform to increase the awareness of their brand.

LinkedIn also has the world’s largest repository of more than 20 million businesses providing you with the perfect opportunity to get under the radar of these businesses with LinkedIn Ads. Moreover, only 3 million users out of the 500 million users create content consistently on the platform. This allows you to record stellar impressions with your LinkedIn Ad spend.

Improve Brand awareness with targeting features of LinkedIn Ads

Our Linkedin Advertising feature experts believe that a custom-designed LinkedIn marketing campaign is capable of increasing brand awareness for your business pretty efficiently if it’s in the B2B segment. Even if your business exists in the B2C, the 550 million people on LinkedIn still make it a good reason to spend on LinkedIn Ads to increase brand awareness.

Increase your business Revenue with LinkedIn lead generation Campaigns

Our digital marketing experts at digitise India, honestly believe that the ability to generate leads for your business is one of the reasons why your business should invest in LinkedIn Ads.

A highly customized LinkedIn lead generation campaign can generate a good number of leads for your business quite efficiently. Moreover, if you own a B2B business, consider your lead generation needs satisfying as LinkedIn advertisements can work like wonders for this.

Skyrocket your Engagement with LinkedIn Ads

Above all, LinkedIn has a very high ratio of content creators: consumers. The organic reach of LinkedIn is awesome and if you are ready to spend on LinkedIn Ads, engagement for your business profiles must not be a problem anymore.

What are the types of LinkedIn Ads we can help you with?

At Digitise India, we can help your business scale to new heights by leveraging the power of LinkedIn ads. But before we start generating leads, you need to decide how you wish to spend your LinkedIn Ad spend.

Do not worry as our LinkedIn advertising experts will stay with us all along the way to help you leverage LinkedIn for your business. These are the types of ad formats that can be used for LinkedIn advertising.

Sponsored content

These are ad formats that work like a content piece that people share from their profile. They usually have an image, a headline and a sponsored tag link that reroutes the user back to the sponsor’s page or profile.

Sponsored In-Mail

This format of LinkedIn ads can be used to reach the inbox of a personal profile without connecting with them. Our LinkedIn advertising experts use a custom list to design the perfect lead generation campaign.

Dynamic LinkedIn Ads :

Your company’s LinkedIn ads can be used to promote your content and give your business the required edge with a steady number of leads. Our LinkedIn advertising experts will be more than happy to guide you.

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