Facebook Ads – The Efficient way to Supercharge your Sales Efforts

Facebook ads

We suggest facebook ads to every business for one simple reason – the ability to reach 2 billion people that are active on the biggest social network on the planet. But to generate leads and increase business revenue, you don’t need to reach the entire population of facebook. Rather use targeted facebook marketing campaigns just reach a specific group of people who would be interested in buying your product/service.

At Digitise India, we believe that there is a time and a place for organic reach. Sometimes a simple method of helping your customers reach your web page organically isn’t your need. Some businesses want a quick solution to bring in visitors and convert them into leads, which would be facebook advertising as a valid option.

This is exactly where Facebook Ads come into play. With a low cost of Acquisition per customer and the capability to target your Ad spend towards a very targeted set of people, facebook Ads is simply a no brainer for business growth.

Facebook Ads are Cheaper than Google Ads when targeted perfectly

The Most important reason to invest a Good chunk of your Ad spend into facebook Ads, is because it is cheaper than your traditional Google Ads. Our experts Claim that the organic reach of Facebook is dropping every single day. This is because a good number of businesses are starting to invest in facebook Ads and this is naturally forcing the Social media giant to change its algorithm.

If you are not spending a Little Money on Facebook Ads – You are missing out on something Big!

With the help of Facebook’s advertising platform, we can help you develop a custom Facebook marketing strategy for your Business. Our facebook advertising expert believe that if you have a solid plan, facebook lead generation can become a High Yielding pathway.

Bring back lost customers with Facebook Retargeting Campaigns

The best feature about facebook advertising lies in its ability to bring back previous visitors back to your website. This can serve as an Optimal lead nurturing program to bring back lost leads and turn them into long term customers.

At Digitise India, we believe that every single penny you spend on a Facebook Ad must be worthwhile for your business. So we strive to create a plan that will bring in the visitors that have the potential of becoming your customers.

Even if the leads don’t buy your products/ services in the first touchpoint we can easily retarget them with Facebook retargeting methods and convert them into your customer.

Economically generate leads with the power of Facebook Marketing

Our Facebook Ad Experts believe in creating a Facebook ad Marketing funnel, comprising a number of different Ad sets. Each set will be focused on different stages of the buyer’s journey. We believe that a customized approach will help you gain new customers, leads with the power of Facebook retargeting.

Facebook is no longer a social media platform where you share images, videos and your general insights. It is gradually forming up to become a super-sized Marketing platform that can create a successful business with the power of facebook Ads.

Don’t take our word, rather take a look at the things your business can achieve with the help of facebook Advertising.

  • Boost your Posts
  • Promote your business page
  • Send visitors back to your website
  • Promote a business event
  • Collect Leads with a lead magnet

Every business must invest in facebook marketing if it means to have a successful future ahead.

We believe that for a fact!

Are you ready to grow your business with Facebook Ads?

Give us a Free call and we’ll set you up for Success.

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